14U Coppell Cowboys Red

The 14U Coppell Cowboys Red is packed with talent and looking forward to a great 2021 spring season! The boys placed 2nd in back to back 14U AAA tournaments rounding out the 2020 fall season. Keep following us as we advance throughout the year!!

Last year at 13U, the Cowboys team played in 60 games in 2020 spring, earning two Championships and three 2nd place finishes in addition to being promoted to AAA and being ranked in the top 20 in the country for AAA. The team looks to continue their successful steps forward in the fall of 2020 and the spring of 2021. We will look to compete at the 14U AAA/Majors divisions and play some of the top teams in the country at some showcase events in June and July.

It is very exciting to watch all of the players grow on and off the field and I am very excited about the upcoming 2020/21 fall and spring seasons.

  Spring 2018 Champions

What an awesome weekend of baseball for the Cowboys 12U Black and 11U Red!!! Both teams played great baseball and met in the championship game. The start of the game showed that both teams still had a lot left in the tank and were ready for battle. 

Congratulations boys for representing Coppell Cowboys Baseball so well!!! 

Tournament Champions-Cowboys Black with a 5-0 record

2nd Place-Cowboys Red with a 3-2-1 record!!!

Coppell Cowboys 15U Red--2021 Fall and 2022 Spring 

Derek Brandow is the hired instructor for Coppell Cowboys 15U Red Team. I am very excited to be working with this talented group during practices and pitching and hitting sessions. The team has had great success and is looking forward to playing a challenging and packed schedule in 2022. 

Cowboys on Three!!!

 The Coppell Cowboys 10U team brought home some beautiful hardware by placing 2nd in the Triple Crown TEXAS SEASON OPENER in March of 2022. The boys battled throughout the event and turned a lot of heads with their quality of play!!! Way to go boys!!!

Cowboys on Three!!!!

Coppell Cowboys 13U Red

Derek Brandow is also the hired pitching instructor for the Coppell Cowboys 12U Red Team that is also coached by Aaron Jaramillo. The team has excelled and are now playing at the AAA/Majors level. The boys have come out swinging at the 12U level winning back to back tournaments! Way to go Boys!!!! The Team plans to play in numerous tournaments in 2020 and will also be heading to Cooperstown in 2020!!

Coppell Cowboys 9U--2021 Rings of Fire Champs

Derek Brandow will be coaching the Coppell Cowboys 10U Red Team during the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 seasons! The team is filled with great talent and awesome families! Looking forward to a great year of player development and team success!!

Cowboys on Three!!!

Coppell Cowboys 10U Red-- 2022 Spring

Coppell Cowboys 14U Takes Silver Ring in the 2021--USSSA--AAA--BN Rodeo Ring Event

Fall Champions 2021

The Coppell Cowboys 10U Red brought home some hardware this weekend by winning the Medals Bracket of the TSB Santa Cop Toy Drive, sold old event, November 2021. The boys battled hard playing against the top teams in the tournament and showed grit and talent to win the bracket. Congratulations and continued success.

Cowboys on Three!!!!

"To live your dream, you have to work for it!"

13U  2019 Fall and 2020 Spring Rings and Trophies

Coppell Cowboys Baseball

Derek Brandow is a hired instructor/coach for many of the Coppell Cowboys--CBA Select Teams, ranging from 9U to 16U. Since starting with Derek in 2016, his Cowboys teams have excelled bringing home many championships and 2nd place finishes. Some major highlights include  winning the Texas State Championship--Open Event in 2018 and then the skills championship and placed 2nd in the huge SlumpBuster event in Omaha, Nebraska.

Cowboys on Three!!!!

The Coppell Cowboys 13U excelled in 2019/2020!!! After a strong fall, the boys jumped out early with two championships and two second place finishes in four tournaments in the spring before the Covid stopped everyone. Once back in action the boys continued playing at a very high level and were promoted by USSSA to the AAA division. The remainder of the spring introduced the boys to top level talent and larger fields as we started playing on 60/90 fields against 14U teams, preparing our boys for the future.  

All in all, the team won two tournaments and placed in five others! Awesome!!!!  

Way to go boys!!

Cowboys on Three!!!!