Frisco Riders 9U Team

(Derek is the pitching instructor)

1st place in their league!

Way to go boys!!!

What a great week for the boys!!!

Earned a #1 state ranking in USSSA-AA

and then bring home a ring, winning the

Triple Crown--Lone Star Gold in D2!!!

Way to go boys!! Keep working hard!!!

Riders on three!!!!

The Frisco Riders 11U will be competing at the AAA-Majors level during the fall 2021/ Spring 2022 seasons. We showed great growth and development and look to continue improving. The well deserved bump to AAA last season showed us how the speed of the game increases and how we need to keep working. The Riders 10U team showed well at the USSSA World Series, competing against some of the best teams in the country and proved that we deserve to be out there with them. Here we go boys!!!!

Riders on three!!!!

Frisco Riders 11U

Derek Brandow is now the hired Coach/Instructor for the Riders 10U Team!!

The boys worked all fall and showed great improvement.

They battled hard and placed 3rd in the DFW Fall Super NIT and then 

followed up the next weekend to win a championship!! 

Both tournaments were filled with top teams and because of the strong finish,

 the boys were rewarded with a huge jump in the USSSA rankings.

They moved into a top 10 ranking in the state and a top 30 in the country!! 

Now we say bring on the new year!!!

We will be playing League at the 11u age level

and be looking to jump up to 10U AAA in tournament play in 2021.

Riders on Three!!!!

"To live your dream, you have to work for it!"